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New Innovations

New Innovations is a Microsoft Certified Partner that creates Medical Education Management software. They specialize in developing “integrated software solutions for medical education programs at schools, hospitals, and private practices around the world.”

The Residency Management Suite and the Undergraduate Management Suite are two of New-Innov’s flagship products. The first is a suite of applications for managing postgraduate medical training; the program includes powerful tools for a variety of purposes such as scheduling, making evaluations, tracking duty time, case logs, and so on. And the Undergraduate Management Suite, a collection of apps for managing medical school instruction that includes tools for clinical scheduling, clerkship evaluations, and collecting other medical school-related data.

New Innovations Login – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Navigate to the site’s sign in page at

2. Fill in the first field of the access form on the left side of your screen with the name of your institution.

3. Fill out the second field box with your login.

4. In the third field box, enter your user password.

5. Now, simply click “Log In” and you’re in!

Sign Up for New Innovations

To begin utilizing this program, you must first purchase one of their products. Once you’ve decided which one is best for you or your organization, you should contact the company by filling out the contact form on the following page:

Password Reset Instructions for New Innovations

If you forget your password, return to the site’s user access page and click the “Forgot Your Password?” link adjacent to the “Cancel” button, or go directly to if you want to save some time.

Once on the site’s official password reset page, fill out the form on the next page and click “Reset My Password.”

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