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DLNET Delta Com Portal navigation

Each section of the DLNET Delta Com portal gives staff members access to a particular set of resources and tools. The main sections are broken down as follows:

Front Page

When you sign in to DLNET Delta Com, the home page is the default landing page. It features significant company news, happenings, and updates that concern Delta employees. Links to various portal sections are also available on the page.

Informational Materials

The most recent company news, updates, and announcements are accessible to employees via the News and Information section. You can sort news items by topic, date, or department.

My Job

You can access crucial tools and resources pertaining to your job at Delta Air Lines in the My Job section. Links to scheduling, payroll, benefits, and other pertinent resources are also provided.


You can access the training materials and programme offered by Delta Air Lines by visiting the Learning section. Employees are able to sign up for courses, monitor their development, and obtain certifications.

Aircraft Operations

The pilots and flight crew of Delta are the focus of the Flight Operations section. It gives users access to crucial aviation data like flight schedules, crew rosters, and weather reports.

Common Problems and Solutions for DLNET Delta Com

Like any other online resource, DLNET Delta Com might occasionally have problems or errors. Here are some typical problems that staff members might run into and how to fix them:

  • Make sure you’re using the right login information if you see “Invalid Login ID or Password.” If the problem persists, try changing your password.
  • When you are inactive on the portal for a long time, the message “Session Expired” appears. Simply sign in once more to continue your session.
  • The error message “Page Not Found” appears when the requested page cannot be found or does not exist. If you’re still having trouble, try returning to the page later or seek help from Delta Air Lines’ IT department.
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